Overnight Oats

This is the EASIEST recipe ever. Also, it is a total lifesaver for those of us who are total zombies in the morning (aka me). When I became vegan I thought no more overnight oats and I was heartbroken but the I found So Delicious coconut milk yogurt, and believe me it is SOOOOO delicious. Sorry, I had… Continue reading Overnight Oats


Banana Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are DELICIOUS. And surprisingly pretty healthy, well besides the chocolate. And for anyone doing Weight Watchers, they are only 2 points. Recipe Servings: about 20 2 Ripe Banana 1 tsp of Vanilla 1/2 Cup of Chocolate  (I used Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% Dark Chocolate) 1/3 Cup of Coconut Oil 1 Cup of Flour… Continue reading Banana Chocolate Cookies