Overnight Oats

This is the EASIEST recipe ever. Also, it is a total lifesaver for those of us who are total zombies in the morning (aka me).

When I became vegan I thought no more overnight oats and I was heartbroken but the I found So Delicious coconut milk yogurt, and believe me it is SOOOOO delicious. Sorry, I had to…

Anyway the recipe…


  1. Granola/ rolled oats
  2. berries
  3. banana
  4. So Delicious coconut milk yogurt
  5. Mason Jar (so your creation can be Insta worthy if you know what I mean)

Side Note: Add the yogurt and granola/ oats first and stir them up so the oats can get soft.


Then you leave if overnight and you are done, voila delicious breakfast.

Comment below any recipes you would like me to do.


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