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There’s a Toothless in Your Backyard…

Soooooo as you probably know, it is Earth Day today. 😊This whole week I had been thinking about what I should say… and I couldn’t think of anything until suddenly as I was watching How to Train Your Dragon it came to me.

I was fighting with my brother about what character I would be in How to Train Your Dragon (as one does). I thought I would be Hiccup but my brother thought  I wouldn’t be because I am scared of sharks.


I got thinking what if what I think about sharks is wrong, like what the Vikings thought about the dragons. What if they are just misunderstood?

So I started to research…

I stumble open this article Why do sharks ‘attack’ humans? More than just mistaken identity… And I learned that what I thought I knew about sharks is ALL WRONG. They aren’t vicious they are just curious and they defend themselves.


Every time there is a so-called ‘shark attack’, it is really a shark encounter. If they are really attacking humans there would never be any survivors. What sharks are really doing is they are trying to figure out what we are. They do this by lightly biting, (the force of a human bite) but because of their teeth, it is a big deal for humans.

And as for their behavior around cage boats, they are just warming us and telling us that this is their turf.

It is still a problem but we shouldn’t be blaming sharks and labeling them as evil we should be trying to learn how to coexist.

We need to start respecting sharks. Sharks kill an average of 10 humans a year (most caused by loss of blood). While we kill thousands, there is plenty of respect given to us but none has been given to them.


We need to protect them because they have very important roles in the ocean:

  • Sharks keep food webs in balance
  • Sharks keep prey populations healthy
  • Sharks keep sea grass beds and other vital habitats healthy

They are just as misunderstood like the dragons in How to Train Your Dragon.

So what you can do is donate to organizations like Shark Savers and help educate others about sharks. They NEED our help.

And remember you to can be a Hiccup in your community.

#lessons from children’s movies

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