Free Time

Sticky Note Book

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one that literally has a backpack full of junk. Right…? But even though I feel like I am cursed to never have an organized school life I still try. So, I thought I would try this DIY. It is a way to organize your sticky notes. Oh and it is the quickest, easiest DIY I have ever done. So here it is…

You take a calendar that you don’t use anymore and you rip out the pages.



Then use hot glue to stick attach your sticky notes and anything else that you want to keep you organized.

I attached this cute academic journal I picked up from Micheals.

Let it dry.



Then decorate. And, voila! You are done.

Wasn’t that easy and quick? And you won’t believe how useful it is. Also to make it even better it recycles any old school supplies from last year, yay! #savetheearth


And as I always say leave any ideas you have for new posts below.



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