Mormon Teen

What the heck are we saying?

So as you have probably already guessed I’m Mormon. And I know that my friends are always confused with all of my Mormon lingo and personally I still get confused sooooooo…

Don’t stress

The Lingo

  1. Lds – latter day saints, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons)
  2. Deacon- 12-13 years of age
  3. Teacher- 14-15 years of age 
  4. Priest- 16-17 years of age 
  5. Beehive- 12-13 years of age
  6. Mia Maid- 14-15 years of age
  7. Laurels- 16-17 years of age 
  8. FHE- family home evening, usually Monday night.  It’s an evening set aside to gather together as a family and have fun discussing the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  9. CTR- Choose The Right, the mantra of Mormon kids
  10. Fast Sunday- the first Sunday of every month we don’t eat (fast) for 2 meals in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us and we donate the money we would have spent on these 2 meals to those in need.
  11. Seminary- when you go to high school, every day we have school we go to the church building and study the scriptures.
  12. Plan of Salvation/ Happiness- our views on the eternal perspective, we believe that there is more to our life than our time here on Earth
  13. Priesthood- power of God which gives us the ability to act on his behalf and in his name
  14. Ironrod- a metaphor of a straight path in which you keep the word of God
  15. Zion- new Jerusalem, anyplace that is your paradise and where you are trying to live worthily, this can be anywhere where you are preparing for the second coming
  16. Meetinghouse v temple- the meetinghouse is where we go to church every Sunday and anyone can come even if you aren’t a member.  The Temple is the House of God where only worthy members of the Church can enter and perform ordinances on our Lord’s behalf.
  17. Atonement-  when Jesus Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane he took upon himself the sins of the World and because of this we are able to repent and come back to him
  18. Apostasy- when the gospel of Jesus Christ was not on the Earth
  19. Second Coming- when Jesus Christ returns to the Earth
  20. Keys of the priesthood- Priesthood keys are the authority Heavenly Father has given to priesthood leaders to direct the use of His priesthood on earth.

Girl classes are red

Boy classes are blue

If you need more explanation go to, it is the official website of the Church. Also if you have any more questions you want me to answer or ideas of blog posts, comment below or email me at I really like your opinion so don’t be shy.



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